Who we are:

Nicole Tanne (Director)/ Occupational Therapist

Nicole Tanne is a South African trained Occupational Therapist (BscOT) who arrived in Australia in early 2008 and has worked in Paediatric Occupational Therapy since 1995. She is enthusiastic in her work with the children she sees. Nicole aims to install a love of learning, a striving for the best possible function of the child and family unit, and hopes to give parents and teachers strategies and skills to help the child be happy and comfortable in and out of the learning environment. Her special interests lie in sensory modulation, regulation of activity, behavior and emotion, learning and sensory integration. Nicole has experience working with children with ASD and Down Syndrome and a variety of other difficulties. Handwriting, core stability and gross motor function are also areas that Nicole deals with. Nicole is a mother of three children.


Jade Sacker - Occupational Therapist

Jade has experience in mental health practice, and the impact these have on development and engagement in activities of daily living. She has also worked with children on the spectrum (ASD) and children with modulation and sensory processing difficulties and a range of other needs. Jade has also worked in physical rehabilitation, which together with her experience in mental health and paediatrics, enhances her ability to work in a holistic manner. Jade has always been passionate about working with children, alongside their families and educational institutions. This enables the children to develop their social, emotional and behavioral regulation. She enjoys using a variety of approaches to enhance occupational performance.  Jade is a fun, creative and motivated therapist, whose positive energy impacts on others.