What we do

KidAbilities is a family focused Occupational Therapy Practice in Caulfield South, Victoria. We deal with children aged birth to 16 years old. We welcome parents, teachers and caregivers  into our sessions as we believe that this enables good carry over into the home and school. 


We have experience dealing with the following areas:

  • Autism - including schedules, engagement, sensory modulation.

  • Gross motor development - including muscle tone, coordination, balance, bilateral integration, core strength, sitting posture, strength and endurance.  

  • Fine motor - including pencil grip, cutting, writing, letter and number formations, coloring, knife and fork skills.

  • Sensory Modulation and sensory processing - modulation and control of activity level, attention and concentration, behavior, emotions and sensory processing. Thinking before doing, making good choices, considering the size of the problem in relation to the size of the reaction.

  • Visual perception, spatial perception, memory, closure, figure ground, sequencing and visual motor integration.

  • Independence and life skills.

  • Assisting attention, concentration and focus.

  • Anxiety and stress management.

  • Planning and organization skills.

  • School readiness.